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Giselle Farina's Biography

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I have been a huge fan of romance novels—and romance movies—for as long as I can remember. I love a good rom-com, in print and pictures. 

It all started with my first book of fairy tales. Yes, I know, as contemporary women, we no longer need to be saved. But this was the 70s. And I was a little girl who was gifted the most beautiful fairy tale book. The illustrations were exquisite. I can still picture the prince leaning over and giving Snow White a kiss, and the prince waking up Sleeping Beauty with his kiss, and I cannot forget the prince climbing up Rapunzel's hair and  giving her one huge smackeroo.


Notice anything in common? The kiss. That's what I love about romance stories. The first kiss. I can still remember all my first kisses. They are little precious gems tucked away in my memories. 

I love falling in love vicariously through my characters. As a writer, I can immerse myself, totally and completely, into my character's world as I write. It's truly magical.

Reading Sweet Dreams Books was my next passion. All the through highschool, I would buy a book each Friday, and devour the story before dinner. Then I finally got my first boyfriend in my senior years and the kissing was for real..

But it was my discovery of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in Year 11 that hooked me. From there, I hoovered up all of Jane Austen's stories. From there I discovered the Bronte Sisters. I'm still a huge, HUGE fan of their work. I have spent the last few decades re-reading their books over and over again.

In 2020, I finally took the plunge to share my stories when I entered my romance short story for the Romance Writers of Australia Sweet Treats Short Story 2021 Anthology. My story was selected for the Anthology and in 2022, my second story was chosen for the 2022 Anthology.

The stories keep coming and are bursting out of my head. I can't wait to share these stories with you. I am currently working on three books. All romantic comedies. An enemies-t0-lovers, a friends-to-lovers story and a best-friend's sibling. These are coming. 

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